Tuesday, October 18, 2005

I'll take the blame

It's all my fault. No doubt about it. I already had visions of game one on Saturday night coming from Chicago. The first ever World Series Game for my Astros. In the past I've known not to get too far ahead of myself when it comes to sports things. Last year when UT came into Jones SBC stadium, I thought there was a good chance we'd hang 70 points on them, like we did to Nebraska the week before. I wouldn't necessarily call it cocky, but confident, no, over-confident. UT ended up spanking us in that game. Last night Pujols ended up sending everyone home shocked. I bet a Cardinal fan would have loved to see the blank look on all the Astro fan's faces as they walked out of the juice box last night. I know I had one, and I wasn't even there. After the 'Stros futile attempt at a rally in the bottom of the 9th, I put my dishes in the sink, brushed my teeth, and laid down in bed. I haven't watched Sportscenter yet, or listened to ESPN radio. I'm inclined to stay in my bed, and only come out for the things I need, like food, water, and I guess class.

So let's get this straight. Astros with a 2 run lead going into the 9th inning, and Brad (light's out) Lidge on the mound for the 'stros. Fox likes to point out that the Astros are something like 13 bajillion and one in game when they are leading after 8 innings. Thanks. Who's at fault though? I guess I can't feasibly blame Fox. The Astros did everything they were supposed to. Eckstein's hit wasn't playable. Lidge did walk Edmonds to put two runners on, but can you imagine what was going through his head. Pujols is guilty though isn't he? Only of being the best baseball player alive. This has got me believing that it's my fault, over-confidence and all.

At least I know now, always have confidence, but not too much. My Dad called last night during the 8th inning to tell me that he's been listening to the Astros since 1963, he was 11. Well I figure I've been listening and watching them all my life. I don't remember it all, but I do remember from about the time I was 4 to now. Trips to the Astrodome, watching games on television, and all that jazz. The one thing I should have learned is, it ain't over 'till it's over. Thank goodness there are still 2 more games left in the series.


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Okay so i am rather impressed...i never really have known you very well, just always known you THROUGH "other" people. At any rate, i enjoy reading your blog...i dont have time to get into that jazz...plus i have to post on blog for one of my grad classes...the hellz...cest le ve-thats just how the cookie crumbles, i suppose....Anyway yeah, i saw your website on facebook and came to check it out, and wow! you actually write out a lot of stuff!!! Question-the girl megan in a post from long ago, cunningham??? I dont remember many others, but i grew up around the cunninghams and theres so many stories there, haha. Welpers, that be it, yo...not gotta lotta else to say...its blog..not like email...this is a comment to your post on takin the blame...i like the rundown of your nightly rituals--and its always good to tidy up and keep the hizzy clean i guess...plus brushin those pearly whites??? now THATS hygiene :) Alrighty, as i said like 10 lines back, im out like a belly button--but i have to leave you with some good ol halloween humor. What do you call a ghost who gets too close to the fireplace???---a TOASTY-GHOSTY! hehe
i like what you said a few weeks back on how everything happens for a reason and you feel like the old man...i agree on that "for a reason" biznass-and i too feel a leeeetle bit old sometimes and i guess thats what free cell, season series' on dvd, word puzzle books and la musica are alllll about :)

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Blogger TracyDiane said...

YEA!!!! they won!!!....and that is all:)

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ok, so i have decided that facebook is like, well rather stalker.com...first of all my tech address is just not accessing correctly so i cannot get onto facebook, which is fine cause im trying to be that person that is toooo cool for facebook but uses it anyway...i have a friend who lets me use theirs when i wanna look people up, ecspecially from tech. OK! so...then i see your name in people from ingram tonite, and i go to your nifty little website, read all this stuff you write about your day to day life, (the sports commentary is really nifty and i really like the part about the dude that smiles all the time...definitely agree you could take that job in a flash, hehe)...whateva...so yeah, i read about "megan" and i realize that the only megan your age was lewis' little sister. Anyway, i got really anxious to figure out this little mystery so i searched her name on facebook and there are like 10 of them...then i thought, hmmm, she goes to oklahoma, they MOVED to oklahoma with their dad...maybe, just maybe...so i go search YOUR facebook friends list and it IS megan cunningham. i know thats whack and all, but i love co-wink-eee-dinks, BIG TIME, brotha!...Actually i have plenty of cunningham memories...dylan and lewis were really best friends and it was sad when they moved. they had a really old dog, i think it was a poodle of sorts, but anyway, she wandered off down the street to die and i remember that my mom had to take care of it because the mother and eldest sister were really torn up. it was sad. Anyway, yeah, they lived on my street and i never drive past that house without remembering that family...my mom and lewis' mom really actually got along pretty well, which is nuts cause my mom didnt really get along with anyone...so totally random and out of the blue--3 years ago christmas time, we went down to the coast to visit my brother, his new wife and new child. Scarlet was only 3 months old at the time and dylan was still kind of embarassed and not too manly, or fatherly(he has changed since zach, his little boy)...anyway, we were at the state aquarium and i saw a guy lookin at the turtles where we were and i knew it was lewis. I was sooo excited...(i love co-wink-eee-dinks)! so i told dylan that i thought it was lewis and dylan was quite skeptical cuz i was a chunky littly pudgy cheeked kiddo when last we met, and he, well a bit younger, so me recognizing him was waaay bizarre. but i walked up and asked him, and sure enough! his girlfriend (could be married now?) at the time is from there or at least her parents lived there. anyway, dylan looked up and practically drops his child into the stroller. i have to say, it was kinda an awkward experiance, and i guess it was somewhat dissapointing, you know? dylan wasnt very proud of himself and where he had ended up, which is lame, and i guess he was intimidated. right, but he failed to introduce his WIFE or child...and i guess it was really crazy seein lewis like that, but also sorta upsetting because i saw how weird dylan was, and how insecure my own, fixin to be TWENTY EIGHT year old brother, could be. anyway, thats all i have to say about that....dont have any more lewis stories...we went to sea world a few times and he came, went hikin, and mostly just hung out at my house...well he and dyl did and i sorta played annoyin little sister and tagged along and i remember lewis picking on me a lot...good times---good times...its always fun being the only female in the family. Alright sancho, take it easy, and i feel sooo goofy talking on and on and posting comments THREE times in like THREE hours...but heck, im just combinin comments for the course of the entirety of your subscription with these bloggerly onez, so it all about evens out, yes? hehe...Keep smilin and laughin out loud...its sure good for the mind, and keeps the heart strong, and your eyes will always sparkle with youth!

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