Friday, October 28, 2005

Ramble on

I was checking out my bank account online today and noticed a 65 dollar charge from Amazon on there. Well it was like 3 months ago that I ordered this book for a class, and I never got it. I forgot about it. They didn't charge me, so no big deal. Well I guess they finally got it in stock, so now I have a book headed my way and a 65 dollar charge on my account.

It's great I'm getting the book, except I don't need it anymore. Bummer huh? I guess I'll have to send it back. I hate doing that.

So I've got another dilemma here too. Instead of bringing a bed to Lubbock with me, I decided that I'd worry about it when I got up here. I was going to get a twin sized bed from my old roommate, but I didn't feel like breaking it down, hauling it across town, then setting it back up. So I got an air mattress instead. Now this thing was nice (yeah, was, as in past tense). It stood about 20 inches off the ground, huge, and was queen size. Super comfortable too. Well after about a month, I noticed it started getting kind of mishapen in some spots. It didn't bother me all that much, I kept using it. Well not to draw this out too much, it eventually got a hole somewhere in it, and one weekend while I was away from the LBK it went completely flat. I slept on the couch that night, and the next morning went to Wal-Mart and bought another one. The exact same air mattress.

So here's my thoughts. I'm kinda upset about spending that much on a bed and it only lasting a month and a half. I somehow came up with the idea that I can just put the old one in the new box, and with my receipt take it back to Wal-Mart and either get my money back, or get a new air mattress. Then my conscious comes into play. I'd feel bad if I did that. It's not really an honest thing to do. So I am not going to do it. Is that right? Or should I stick it to Wal-Mart. I think there are negatives and positives on both sides...

On a completely different note, I am going to win the lottery tonight. I only play when it's over 100 million or so. I've got a little deal with 2 of my friends. We all buy tickets and if one of us wins we have to buy things for the other two. I don't remember exactly what it was that we'd have to buy. I am pretty sure it's a car, and then a 2 month trip to Europe. Something like that. Wouldn't that be wonderful. One of my friends is the luckiest guy I know, so he'll probably be the one who wins. He always knows which slot machine to sit at. It's a real talent. I don't know what I'd do with that much money. I'm more than willing to figure that out though.


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