Saturday, October 29, 2005

3 Ninjas

Some say the best time to brainstorm is while you are eating. Well this is the case for the shenanigans that took place on the night of the 28th of October. While enjoying a buffet dinner from Mr. Gatti's pizza, an idea was hatched that almost threw the world out of its constant rotation. This was a ground shaking, earth quaking idea, which will be felt by the people of the world for the rest of time

Being that it was so close to Halloween, the ninjas of 52nd street felt like we should get our ninja gear on, and go complete a long overdue mission. Because of the proximity to Halloween, if seen (ninjas are usually not seen) people would just think of it as some people in costume. The perfect plan! When returning to the ninja lair, we worked out our POA (plan of action). We are going to make a strike on the pirate loving girls of 28th street.

And so the Drama begins...

We left the ninja lair and headed on our way to the store to get the materials we needed. Seen here is Tum-Tum.
The excitement was too much to conceal. Colt here believes that this might be the best plan ever.
Ninja Rocky is more serious than the other. He's been around longer and knows the danger that awaits the ninjas in their mission.
The first stop was the super K-Mart. The materials needed, window chalk, and ninja masks. No dice, neither were to be found at the large K.
Next stop, Target. Surely the high class Wal-Mart would have some window chalk for us. Nope, no way. This mission is looking to be more difficult than we expected. Ninjas don't give up though.
What proved to be our last stop, we made it to the ghetto Wal-Mart in search for the window chalk and bandannas. We split up on the inside, and met back up after we found the materials needed. The camera wasn't brought inside, what a shame, the number of sweet mullets walking through Wal-Mart would have added to the story so well.
After leaving Wal-Mart, the ninjas headed back to their secret lair and warmed up. Preparation is key when looking to carry out such a difficult mission. Seen here, two ninjas work on their rolls in the front yard.
Parking in the street in a non conspicuous car, the ninjas staked out the target house. The ninjas sometimes outsmart themselves and wound up being on the wrong street. I think they really knew what they were doing though.
One of the ninjas is seen here during the stake out. I can't say which one, because when in disguise, a ninja loses their identity.
Another ninja seen here working on his hand strength by opening and closing a bottle.
Just look at the eyes of this ninja. Is there any question about the intensity that lies in the heart of these stealth like warriors?
The ninjas switched vehicles to make sure that their cover was not compromised. Seen here is a rare thing, the ninja actually is caught without his full disguise. I believe the smile on his face is there because he is full of confidence about the upcoming mission.
These two ninjas look like they are ready to roll, and get this mission over with. They are on their way to the site of the strike. When they parked they quietly exited the vehicle and made their way down the street towards the target house.
Stealth mode is one of the most important aspects of ninja life. Can you find the ninja hiding in this picture?
With the lights out, the ninjas get ready to make their strike...Toilet paper in one hand, and in the other throwing stars.
These ninjas weren't messing around. Seen above here is the damage that they did to the table of the pirate loving girls of 28th street. The triangle B is the calling card of this particular group of ninjas. The table also says ADPI QTPI. This is an obvious attack on one of the pirate lovers. On the other side, GO SPURS GO, a strike at the other pirate lover.
The ninjas working on their stealth here as a car passes by. Notice how ready they look to attack.
Another picture of the ninjas in action. You can't see this ninja's hands, he's hard at work hanging toilet paper while he's posing for the picture. Ninjas are great multi-taskers.
After the mission had been accomplished, the ninjas decided to pose in front of their work. It's not cocky, it's just being damn good.
These 2 ninjas were surprised by a couple of pirates. This picture shows them in their fighting stances, ready to kick some pirate tail. The intimidation got the pirates and they left with their tails between their legs.
Another look at the mayhem. The last part of the mission was to turn the lights back on. Can you see the ninja in this picture?

This may become the ninja calling card. Usually they like to remain anonymous, however this time they decided to leave a little notice to those pirate lovers. Don't F with us. Look at these fighting stances folks, these guys don't mess around. Right after this picture was taken, the ninjas flew away...


What's next for these stealth like Warriors?


Blogger TracyDiane said...

Hey you! Im really relieved that i talked to ya at rockys cuz otherwise i felt like a total freak readin and replyin to your "bloggin"...(all that brilliant thought from your noggin!)...So, are just amazing! i could read the stuff you write for an entire week and never get bored! honestly, not that into sports talk or ESPN, but you make it sound quite intersting...did you know i was a radio dj for a few years in college? im thinkin back in terms of that one post about being a sports the dude that never ceises to smile...

ok, so dad-gummit! i thought, hmmm-just pictures? how borin collin (when i saw his facebook album)--but the entire ninja rundown?!? wow---you narrorate like no other, im afraid...i wish i could be a ninja JUST so i could see you go through the crazy throught process you manage to comin up with that stuff...! reminds me of stuff i do back home, just i think i have lost my ability to be stealth, if ever a thing existed in the first place :-/...once i had a few of my friends conspire with me to paper/chalk/spray down my hizzy down ol oakview drive back in the day...lost the only roll of toilet paper in the first toss up, i think i left my bedroom door unlocked before we hopped out the window of my room to the blarring clock radio by my bed, and im pretty sure that the sprinkler we left spraying all over my porch did some sort of damage to the wood panalling...aye....just not my thing...once a few of amatures, like myself, and i, set out on a quite successful mission...however too sucessful...i think there is STILL some shoe poish left on that poor girls truck tires...(that stuff apparently doesnt wash off...) has school been--i have been doin a lot of amazon orderin myself, and i just got beatlejuice in the mail minus the goods--no dvd--like you i ABSOLUTELY dislike returning stuff...such a hassle. perhaps its all the fault of technological advances and the ability to send messages via laptop, but still...not like its my responsibility, right?!

so, my car is officially totalled-i am kinda sad about that--i told my dad that he best get with the kidz that partook in the first suprising car giving to conspire and figure out a clever way to gimme the next one...i cant believe this...i am averaging a new car a year, but i dont really like that as good as it sounds--i am really gonna be upset when i go to clean out ol stevie...i decided its ok to name the next one stevie too, if i decide on the same model car--srv's crossfire was the theme song i chose long in advance of getting stevie one, so i wanna keep the tradition thrivin, just hopefully not thrivin through more than 1 more generation...

so lately im thinkin i really am not enjoyin school...its just gettin too monotonous-maybe if it wasnt so much easier than my undergraduate education, i wouldnt feel so i feel so much older than the people i hang around--i cant imagine why, but for whatever reason the peeps i am around a lot of the time are still wrapped up in their caddy-ol self centered, superficial being the sensitive sap I AM, well it has an awful chemistry with my thought process.

so this is as long as my profizzle, so you may never ever get around to talkin back to me...ah well...its been a looong week and this is as good a place as any to talk it allll away---(at least to minimize the effect...)--Im really glad that you have such a good time here--i think you have a positive influence on everyone you hang around and thats probably the best thing anyone could ever tell a soul--thanks for keepin ME a smilin!!! ill see ya soon!!! YEEEHAW!

7:11 PM  
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