Sunday, November 13, 2005

Another Sleepless Night

It's really not that late, but with the bits and pieces of sleep I've been able to hold on to for the last week, I'd figure I'd be gone as soon as my head hit the pillow tonight. Guess not though. This weekend was a fun one. Nothing super exciting, but I can't exactly say it was boring either. Last night, everyone was bummed about the game, so we decided just to have some people over. Well that turned into a crazy game of beer pong, yeah, I'm good at it. We also threw washers for hours on end. I'm on a bit of a losing streak, I've lost like 3 games in a row. I'm not sure if that's happened since I started playing. We stayed up until about 2 in the morning, and then all crashed. I decided I'd be a nice guy and go with one of the roomies to drop a friend off at the airport this morning, at 6:15. I don't know what I was thinking, that's way too early. After that we came back home and I couldn't sleep. So I cleaned up from the night before.

I feel like I'm always cleaning, but I've got a good thing going, so I can't complain. In all my years of college, and paying rent and all that fun stuff, I don't have to pay any rent here, and it's the biggest bedroom I've had. After cleaning I crashed for a few hours, and then woke up to watch Cullen and the Vikings. Last year they had the Vikings on TV just about every week. I guess having a horrible season, like they are this year, will keep you off of national television. Anyway, they were playing the Giants, and everyone's fascination with Eli Manning gets the Vikings on my Texas TV.

Since the Oilers left Houston, I haven't been much of an NFL fan. I think college ball is much more interesting and exciting. The crap that T.O. is pulling right now only makes me feel stronger about that. I call myself a Vikings fan though, just through association with Cullen. He had a good game today. Good snaps, no, Great snaps. He got lit up on a punt return though. They showed it several times. He got blind sided and knocked on the ground. He bounced up quick though. I don't think it hurt him, because he was there to snap the winning field goal. Everyone talks about the nerves of a kicker before a long field goal, or a game winning field goal. The snappers are taken for granted. It's a no news is good news kind of deal. More often than not, it's no news with Cullen (which like I said is a great thing). He got a special teams tackle today too. Somehow the Vikings who started out horribly have won 3 of their last 4 games and are in second place in a horrible division. They're two games behind Chicago, and if they keep playing defense like the have been, they'll pass them up before the end of the season. Earlier in the season, it didn't even seem like there was an outside shot they'd be able to do that.

Wes Welker is playing well for the Dolphins. He and Zach Thomas are more than likely the 2 most popular players ever to be here at Tech, so I'm glad to see him doing so well. I had him in a class several years ago, he always seemed to be a modest guy. I remember the teacher calling him out in the huge lecture hall one week after he had a big game, and he just sat there. I guess he didn't really want to be recognized in front of everyone. Welker had 186 all purpose yards today, not too bad for a guy who was too small to play in the NFL.

The bombings in Jordan have really frustrated me. Actually everything going on in the Middle East has been frustrating me. I'll be the first one to tell you that I'm a Republican and a very strong Bush supporter. I wouldn't necessarily call myself a super conservative person, but when straddling the fence, I tend to fall in that direction. I feel that in the long run, some good will come out of this war. It just doesn't seem like that's going to be any time soon. It's actually almost to the point where I wonder if we should just get out now, and leave things how they are. If the people of Iraq want to keep moving in the direction that we've moved that country, then they will. If not, we shouldn't try to force something that won't stick. I won't get into too much politically here, it's like me going out in the middle of a blizzard with my bathing suit on. I'm not adequately equipped to survive. The last thing I'll say is that I don't know what to think about the main cause of the war, is it Good vs. Bad? America vs. Terrorism? Democracy vs. Dictatorship? The United States and it's allies vs. Saddam's old regime? Or is it Christianity vs. Islam? I hope it's not the last one because nothing good can come from that.

So like the title says, I can't sleep. I'm in an awkward state because it's cold outside, and semi-cold in the house. Yet from my neck to my ankles I'm burning up. My head and face (thanks to the awesome mountain man beard I'm growing) are perfect, but my feet are like two 10 pound blocks of ice. One thing I've noticed in the last couple of years, is that I can't stand being cold like I used to. I used to have to have a fan blowing on me when I sleep, but now if I did that, I'd wake up freezing. I rarely use the air conditioner in my truck because I get too cold. Am I getting old? More that likely. I'll be 25 in 7 days. Mother truckin' O-L-D man. My Dad pointed out that I'll be a quarter of a century. Thanks a lot. I think I'll start doing what he did when he was 19, don't celebrate any more birthdays and stay young the rest of my life. If you ask him, he's still 19.

Well I guess I'll give it another try. If I could move my TV out of my room, I'd probably get a lot more sleep, but I have to know what's going on in the world. Until later...


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So sorry you couln't sleep Sanch. Thats a total bummer. Can't wait to see you this weekend!

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