Sunday, November 06, 2005

Messy House = Great Friends

There is an old saying that goes something like, "I'm glad to clean up the mess after a party, because it means that I was having a good time with my friends." Well, that seems to be a true statement, but I don't think whoever said that had as messy of friends as I've got. I'm not sure I've ever done more dishes than I did this afternoon, and in what can best be described as a group effort, the house is just about as clean as it was Wednesday before people started showing up.

What a weekend though. It kind of made me forget about being the "old man" up here. A few older friends came into town, and we had a blast. We went out Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Friday we had a little shindig here at the house. Thursday night was probably the most fun night that I've had since I've been back up here. There wasn't really just one thing made it fun, it was more like everything. There were 9 of us when we started out at Rocky LaRues, and more and more friends came later. By the end of the night, we owned the dance floor, and the better part of the front half of the bar. I won't go into the all of the debauchery that went on, but it sure did remind me of Crider's back in the day. When the group of us that hung out in high school would come back from college for the summer. We'd start out at Cullen's house, go to Crider's, then go back to Cullen's house. Crazy fun nights....

Speaking of those High School friends, I ran into one on Thursday night. She goes to Law School up here. We were really good friends our Senior year of High School, and kept in pretty close contact during our freshman year of college. Since then though, we haven't really kept up, or spent a lot of time together. I feel bad because she goes to school up here, and we were so close, but we don't ever communicate with each other. Well we talked about this for a while the other night, and she was telling me how she can't figure out how our group of friends in high school could have been so close at that point, but now, hardly ever talk. She also said that she doesn't understand why some of us are such good friends with people from Kerrville, or those from Ingram who graduated after we did. Reading that, it probably sounds much worse than it actually was. She wasn't mad or anything, she was just making the point that several of us keep in better contact with the younger folks than we do with each other.

The best answer that I could give to her is that she and I (and our group of friends in H.S.) grew up together. The group of friends that we have now, we also grew up together, but with these newer friends, we gained our independence and the identities that we now carry. I'm not trying to get all deep here, but I think it's a legit claim. I mean, in High School, we stuck with a lot of the people who were like us. People who played the same sports, or had the same classes or interests that we had. From a small High School, to a huge college, there are tons more people out there to meet. You don't ever really forget about your past friends, but you meet so many more people that those High School friends that you had then, become one of the many friends you have now. I also told her a lot of it has to do with who you are close to. After leaving H.S. we all dispersed to different places around the state. So naturally, we become friends with those that are there with us. I guess she understood that point, but it looked like she was about to shed a tear, so the best answer I could give her at the time was, I really don't know. That, followed by a quick, I gotta go to the bathroom.

Way to go Sancho, get yourself out of that uncomfortable situation! I think the subject merits a lot of thought though...

I think another thing that bothers her is that several of us from that High School class have remained really close. We don't talk all the time, but enough to always know what's going on in each others lives. I don't think she has that with anyone from the past. I think I may have made her feel a little better when I told her that we don't always have to talk, but we both know that if either one of us needed something, we wouldn't hesitate to ask the other. Its hard to explain all of these friendship conundrums. I don't imagine anyone knows all the answers.

On a completely unrelated note, let me say something about the ninjas. Yes, I know I'm about to turn 25, and most 25 year olds aren't ninjas, but it's gags like that that keep the mind and soul young. So there may be more sweet ninja rolls (or roles) on the way....


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for a FABULOUS weekend! I already miss ya!

7:28 PM  
Blogger TracyDiane said...

Hey you! im glad you had such a great weekend! i ended up goin to a birthday party on friday night, and then to a friend's was really a crazy weekend for me...i grew up in like 1 day--seems girls are sooo aggressive with the boyz now a days---so confrontational--so upfront...DUDE! whats that about!? all my chica-friends keep pushin me to get my thang goin with random boyz and i just am not too great at that kinda stuff...i havent dated anyone since westin and that ended in may of 2004!! anyway, i havent had any "random hookups" i dont think its that im frustrated, but i often feel challenged. I have friends stand around saying, "ok, ask him what he does...act intersted!!"...its goofy and all but nice that they are concerned with these sorts of things...anyway, i got semi-brave, but not really. 1 is i tried hookin up an ex boyfriend with a girl i met thursday night and i thought WOW, theyd be perfect...turned out SHE IS FROM KERRVILLE! and they go to the same church, and get this...their dads have been tryin to hook em up for years!! so still no fireworks, or perhaps even an intro, but it was so incredibly relieving. just to call and have the guy answer--seriously, i have thought so low of how it ended NEARLY FIVE YEARS AGO, that i was shocked havin him call me back a few times...closin doors nicely is great---its the slams-shut where you really get hurt-- i cant begin to elaborate on how insecure i have felt so many years after high school and even in high makes a girl do crazy things, and i did my fair share up until around the time i got into college, and perhaps that why i just dont mess with anything--i hope that that boy comes around someday who actually doesnt take much know, im not saying shallow, or not intriguing, but still just isnt up and down on their moods all the time and just goes with the playin in relationships...boy oh boy is that something my interpersonal relationship prof is hung up on...he has some very practical evidence and factoids to back it up, so...Anyway, so yeah, i was sayin, i just always felt so its never the boys that people call crazy and psycho its easier to just lay low...and then if you do too much laying low, you have to cause quite a scene to get back on a level "playing ground" since so much was just overlooked and built up and up and up like an ice-cream sundae. In fact a friend or person who shall remain nameless, pretty much accused me of gettin absolutely NO action in the past 6 months or so from anyone new...well i made up 2 people, haha! and then they assumed more than i wanted...i just meant id kissed, (which i hadnt) and they thought the whole ME-bang, he-bang, we-banged...right, not so much...maybe im just behind or something but everyone is into the random sexin these days and it really, quite frankly freaks me out!! like even random touchin...kissin and all that caressing above the clothes, and off the chest and what-cha-ma-callit...thats what i figure makin out to be...not anyone else! THE SEX FREAKS ME OUT!! anyway, so i ended up hangin out with this ta. he had a girlfriend for the longest time and she was really jealous of me though he and i never hung out or talked that much--it wasnt even remotely that way...anyway, i thought id call cause its been awhile since ive actually been able to tolerate someone, personality, wit, looks, and all for more than an hour or two a week!! and he made the cut! i practically just invited myself over, but not so much...we ended up in his room and i fell asleep watchin a muuuuuvie...he had NO intention of any sorta makin out!!! AWESOME! STUFF!!! all that cutsie cuddlin and none of the bumpin and grindin...yeah, well even if i wanted, hes all hung up on co-worker relationships...the homos leavin in december anyway...whatever--relationships are just about the most ridiculous and confusing thing in the world. i want to just smile and go about my ways and have others do the same...its just never so easy, huh?? So i guess this is getting long but i kinda like expressin my thoughts ive had lately...what you said in your entry about friends--its many times i have actually been very jealous of you and two will always have friends and connections to ingram...and i always think, hmmm--what a fun gang that would be!!!...when you get to college though, it helps--you meet people who think you are just the best thing since cheeeezy pizza and you realize its ok if it isnt the people you went to high school with who are around all the long as you have someone...ha i think im still lookin for a someone--this has been about the worst, hardest semester of my life!! the girls i work with are mean and cadie and just ignore you know what its like knowin how long you have gone without human contact?? thats weird!! i think i have been over a week without a hug...thats CRAZY!!! everything is always better in the end and thats what i keep tellin myself, but sheesh, i just wish that i didnt have to work so hard, or compromise to keep my relationships goin, and thrivin---you know, heck--how much maintenence has our relationship required?? think about it...not sayin we hang out or talk on the phone all the time but still...we have never had to discuss, over analyze, over judge, freak out, anything, over us...pretty amazin huh? and no matter what we can just click right back whether its been 1 week, 1 month, or one year...well i am peazzzzin out and speakin of zzzzzzz'z...hope i see ya soon...and not with makeup all over the dad gummed place--that, quite frankly, was really stupid and retarded...there are bigger things in life besides words and insults...things big enough to counteract those wicked thingys and make it allll better in the end...YEA GOD!!!


lovers muchers---

pray for me when you think about and life--im glad its workin out for you these days but im so fed up with busy work and pointless nothiness that leads to a lack of motivation and a waste of time that i could just....AYE!!! buy a cat...nothing is worse than somethings....

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