Saturday, November 12, 2005

Reality Check

Sometimes dreams are shattered in a matter of seconds. That was the case today. Tech was looking good, well on their way to a 10-1 season, and a spot in the Cotton Bowl. Even maybe an outside shot at the Fiesta Bowl. I'm not usually the one who gets too far ahead of myself, I was guilty of it this time though. I wasn't looking ahead to the great bowl game, but the game next week against Oklahoma. A battle for the 2nd spot in the Big XII south.

No one told me about Oklahoma State though. We didn't deserve to win, we played horrible. I bet the alcohol sales at the strip have increased 10 fold since the end of the game!

Who would have thought that the team without a Big XII win would be the one to ruin it for us? Not me. Oh well, what can you do???

I really like OSU though. When we were doing our camp recruiting in Oklahoma, I was really impressed with both OU and Okie light. They have awesome campuses, and seem to be great college towns. That whole trip made me wish I'd looked around a lot more when I was deciding on which college would be lucky enough to get me. OSU had the nicest students, a great place...

I just wish my memories of them were for the nice visit I had there, and not the shattered dreams that they will now be associated with...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can't believe we lost today. Oh well you can't win them all. I am going to KVille next weekend to see Kali and I heard you will already be in town. We, meaning whoever else is in town..Charlie, Justin etc. should all get together. Hope all is well! :)

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