Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Lottery Time

Well once again, no one won the dang lottery last night. Any time it gets over 130 million or so, a couple of friends and I play 10 dollars worth. I've gone into all of that before I believe though. I'm one of these people who sits and wonders what the hell I'd do with that much money in the bank.

I think of cars, and houses, and trips that would be in the works, but most of all, I figure I'd probably be dead after a few years. I would more than likely do all kinds of stupid stuff, and with each new adventure, more and more danger would be involved, and before you know it, kaput.

I'm not necessarily saying that I'm a danger freak, but I would always want to top the last thing I did though. There's some figure that I've been told before that says a majority of lottery winners actually file for bankruptcy not too long after winning the lottery. I would hope that I could put enough of it in different places so that I wouldn't have to worry about going bankrupt. At the same time though, there sure are a butt load of things I'd like to buy. I'd probably first put a Taco Casa in my house. That would be tight.

So I really have a problem with the whole lottery thing. I always have. I guess being from a town on the bottom end of the economic table, I've seen the lottery take away a lot of money that could have been used elsewhere. When you see a person spend the majority of their last paycheck on tickets, hoping that their luck will turn around, well it makes you think if there was no lottery, that the money spent could have actually helped them.

I guess I'm not so against it that I won't play though. Heck no, not when I can throw in a dollar and come back and win 262 million! That's the problem. Low risk, high reward. I actually am hoping that someone wins it this next week so I don't have to play anymore. If not, I guess I can throw another 10 bucks in, for the chance at nearly 300 million dollars...

This is kind of a random post 'eh? Well I just saw some old man buying 30 dollars of scratch off lottery tickets. Then after leaving the store, I saw him walking home. Maybe one of those tickets will buy him a car...


Blogger TracyDiane said...

Wow, sanch-im reading it how off the press, so to speak!! seriously??? a guy walked home after buyin that much in scatch off tickets?? i mean i guess it makes me wonder...since alcohol is so far away from, well, to where you'd be buyin tickets, what else would the poor guy spend the money people give him out of pity??--food?! pfff....yeah right!!! last night there was an ambulance right outside my window at at my apartment, and i tried to watch and see what was goin on but it was entirely too hard to see with all the crazy flashin when i got back from school, some guy, maybe an owner?? asked me if there had been an ambulance and said yeah...he told me that tenants told him that they hauled out a man AND woman...these peeps in my complex are young...what kinda freak incident??? surely they didnt both have a trip down the stairs at the exact same time....weird, huh?? ive realized today im like my father, more than i ever thought id be. i am so focused on my teachin and students at school...i couldnt really care less about the other ta's or my classes...the ta's are cool and all, but since they are pretty haughty for the most part, i dont dwell too much on keepin those crazy kids all up to date with my stories or i lectured twice...once in a nonverbal comms class and once in business and professional comms. in nv i gave a lecture and also did an activity...we are on vocal cueing and so we played madlibs....i gave a book to every group, and then had each group have a member come up and read their madlib to the class...they had to fake an attitude though--like excited, lazy, bored, angry, jealous, etc...and then i lectured for like 30 minutes, but time really runs out in that class...the other day a prof told me that the day he comes out of givin a bad lecture and feels ok about it...he will retire...scary-i dont wanna teach but i understood him. monday i sucked hairy monkey balls when i lectured mainly because the lady i work with is so like flaky. eitherway, i lectured and was miserable the rest of the day--like dissapointed. i made up big today though...i cant believe it!!! what it feels like to actually lecture on something--to really know what i am talkin about--really strange! i mean, thats the point of college i suppose but still...who wulda thunk...anyway, in my b&p class we played some madlibs but in more of a structed sense and then the groups chose a person a group and duct taped them to the wall--who ever's person stayed up longest was soo much fun! i know this is lame, but yeah, they tell me every time i see them how much they love my class and just yeah...when i see them in our large lecture section, i notice i just light up, and i am struck with this confidence, and positive sense of self and others and i just thrive on it!! i dont know what im supposed to do for the rest of my life, but oh boy, i am gonna sure miss those kiddles when the semester ends...

ok so what will i do, haha, WOULD i do if i had that much money? well i dont wanna know!?! id love to say that i would be capable of just "giving most of it to other people...the poor"....but yeah...i just think that wouldnt happen in time...who knows...i would have a bahama bucks in my home, build my dream house, (it would have a lake and waterfall) and lots of stairs and secret knooks and crannys, and just so very mysterious...sometimes i think i would wanna buy a really old house, ya know?? but then i wouldnt know to add on or to just leave it be and who from the 1940s built a house with all the features i want?!...well yeah, so i think those things would be included...oh and this huge like hot tub thing...i saw it in a dream a greenhouse sorta effect goin on, and then a big ginormous pool in the center, but with hot water, and just deep all around as hot tubs are with gargantuaous steps and seats all around and to pass over it you would step onto one of those airport a flat escalator...i dont know--i would really just love to pay my dad back for to send dylan and his family whereever they wanted to go to school and live and make sure they had enough travelin funding to last a lifetime so i could never go a month, muchless the usual year, without seein my neicifer and nephew...really, i do think that all sounds good...oh, id buy lots of music and maybe an ipod that could just suck all the songs off all the cds i have and i would never have to download...ever. oh, and i would get a dog...newfoundland or mastiff...maybe both-though one at a time...not sure which yet...

ok, so thats all--oh a huge field, like outta the sound of musica, with impatients everywhere and dandilions, just in the fuzzy stage, and a lone tree with a swing off the side...and a swimming pool and oh, wow, i should not sure how much of my comments are COMMENTS but you know...its my space to get it all out...i hope you have had a marvoulous week and hope it keeps on keepin on thata ways--talks at ya laters, you!


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