Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Hill Country Here I Come

Wednesday night, another pretty unproductive day here in the LBK. I did laundry, I studied a bit, and got my stuff together for the trip back to the Hill Country for Thanksgiving. Compared to the usual Wednesday, I guess you can say I was super productive.

I'm so ready to get the hell out of here. Not just for the weekend, but for the long haul. I'm not necessarily having a bad time, I'm just getting to the point where I'm bored with myself. This is all territory that I've covered time and time again. I'm sure I'll miss a lot of things like the friends, the fun times, and so much more. Sheesh though I need to get out of my comfort zone.

That's one of my biggest problems, I'm so content with things that are normal to me that I rarely step outside of my comfort zone and try new things. I don't really have a good answer for why either. I wouldn't say I'm scared to try new things, it's more like I don't have any motivation to do so. I've tried to change that so many times, but I always resort back to the way I was before.

I'm not really putting myself down here, it's just the realization that I've had a million times, written down, right in front of me. I'm happy with myself, and have no doubt that when I do step out of the comfort level that is my life that I'll be successful.

Anyway, enough of that. Tomorrow is a big test for me. I'm doing okay in my eco class, but a good grade on this test would put a lot less stress on me for the last few weeks of school. Then it's back into the great wide open, for the second time, this time for real though. I'm ready for it, I need it. I can't wait for it....Adios


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Woohoo I get to see you SOON!! :) Good luck on your test!!!!!

8:38 AM  

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